our little story

We met at an open mic in Berlin soon after Redvers moved there to live, following the dream of somehow being able to live as an artist someday.

In Berlin, we’ve discovered a thriving street music scene where many wonderful sounding musicians play well attended concerts in the streets with high quality sound systems. Where fans nurture their favourite artists by buying CDs and inviting them perform highly personal concerts in their living rooms for their friends.

We were just friends to begin with, however, after several transatlantic Facebook chats and taking the road together from London to Berlin in Redvers VW camper, we fell in love.

We’ve travelled Europe, singing together in the streets, parks, bars and living rooms all over Germany, France, Italy, UK, Poland, Czech Republic and Canada before basing themselves in Berlin where we’ve now started a family.

Redvers had previously studied music at Kingston University of London before going on to host a well known weekly acoustic showcase in London. This is where he caught the singer songwriter bug.

I previously had performed with many different projects as lead singer, background singer and chorister, singing early music, classical, jazz, pop folk and a cappella as part of my daily life since the beginning of my education.

Together we sing a mixture of joyously melodic story-telling folk songs and also favourite songs of our heroes, enchanting audiences with music that can make you listen, dance, laugh or even shed a tear.

2017 will see the release of a new DIY studio album, a tour of Europe with our baby boy and a launch of a vlog documenting their adventures. (Please get in touch if you would like us to come to your town or city!)